Achilles Tendonitis is annoying


Shirt: Yesstyle. Pants: Everlane E2 Wide-leg Crop. Shoes: TOMS.

I originally had on a sleeveless shirt, but then changed into my linen long sleeve and I’m glad I did. I was freezing the office this morning. It was 57F when I left the house this morning. It feels strange with the weather being this cool this early.

I don’t have anything poetic or exciting to say about this outfit. I like it and was completely comfortable. I did notice a string from the bottom hem of the pants midway throughout the day and had to cut it off or it would unravel the entire end. Considering I’ve not worn these pants all that much and I don’t do anything other that sit or walk in the office in them, I’m a bit disappointed.

I know the title of this post has nothing to do with outfits, but I spent half of my day researching Achilles tendonitis problems and the issues with recovery. Apparently, it’s not nearly as easy to get over as my so-called specialist said it would be. I mean, I’ve been in the boot twice already and I’m still having issues. So I watched a lot of videos and read a lot about the complications of recurring or chronic tendonitis problems. It takes a really long time to heal properly. Many accounts I read on message boards were of people dealing with it for multiple years…. great. There’s also different kinds. The easier one to get over is midpoint tendonitis and the harder one to get over, which is the one I have, insertional tendonitis is lower on the heel and can form calcified lumps or bursa lumps on the back of the heel. Oh hey, guess what – I have a lump. It’s not huge. It’s actually very small so technically I shouldn’t need surgery.  I may, however, have to get back in the boot for a much longer period of time. FML.

I’ll try a few other things first and see how well this brace I’m wearing helps me out before I give up and break out the moon boot again.

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