Comfortably mixing styles


Tee: J Crew. Pants: Everlane. Shoes: TOMS. Cardigan: Land’s End.

I’ll admit my outfit today was inspired by a photo I saw of Yohji Yamamoto wearing a tee with wool pants that I think he designed. It was a comfortable looking mix of rather formal looking pants with pleats that draped nicely and a rumpled white tee he had tucked in to the pants. I knew I’d be cold since the weather has chilled a bit so I grabbed my old standby cardigan. If I wanted to dress this look up a little then wearing the Nisolo shoes would’ve been better, but I went with the TOMS for comfort.

Last night the hubs and I went out to eat Indian food with friends. It’s hard to find good Indian food out in the suburbs. There was one restaurant walking distance from our house, but it closed. We only got to go once and cursed ourselves for not having gone more often because it was really good. The one we went to last night was rather good. Their tiki masala and korma were a little too creamy and basic for my liking, but I enjoyed my lamb madras, which was spicy curry with coconut milk. I ate far too much and had a bad food hangover today. I didn’t even eat breakfast until 11 am today and that only consisted of one hard boiled egg. I had some Indian leftovers for lunch and a yogurt. I eat at my desk at work for convenience and was glad no one was around to see my sweating while eating my spicy leftovers.

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