Butchering language in fashion


I love seeing photos of middle-aged/elderly people amazingly dressed. The couples kill me.

However, looking through pinterest makes me want to bitch-slap half of the people who post on there. More often than not I see the description “Advanced Style” associated with these photos. WTF does that even mean? Just because a person is older doesn’t mean they are “advanced” in the way they dress. I really hate and cringe at seeing “advanced” being equated to the word “old” as a result.

All images found on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Butchering language in fashion”

  1. I discovered you on Grechen’s Closet, and agree with what you wrote. I also loathe the insipid term “Advanced Style.” Ari Seth Cohen has capitalized on photographing older women. But he has an arrogant attitude, too. I submitted several respectful comments that he’s never posted. Apparently, he’s somewhat of a snob now, due to being a popular blogger. I think that the kudos has gone to his head, however, since he didn’t invent older women wearing cool clothes.


    1. Thank you! I’ve not been to Ari’s blog and don’t really know about him, so I can’t comment on him. While I think it’s good to promote the idea that ANYONE can be stylish at any age, I really disagree with labeling it as Gretchen pointed out. If we’re to ever stop or lessen the idea that style is mostly for the young then the first thing to acknowledge are the labels we use to specifically pinpoint out the differences in age.


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