Shirt: Banana Republic. Pants: Brass Clothing. Shoes: TOMS.

Another blue and black outfit. To many in general, this is a perfectly good and put together outfit – however, maybe I should’ve tucked in the shirt. But this particular outfit is quite possibly the most mainstream one I’ve done. What I mean by mainstream is – it’s a very typical outfit for women to wear. In fact, on some days last winter there have been at least 3 women in the office wearing this exact outfit in some manner on the same day. It’s that common, or mainstream, of an outfit. The variations of this outfit range from the shirt being denim (like mine) or chambray (in slightly lighter hues) or the pants being pitch black skinny jeans (the most common) or jean-like pants that are also skinny. Shoes range from black ballet flats to brogues to boots – usually black, but sometimes the boots are brown. I was perfectly comfortable in this outfit but aware I was wearing a very typical outfit and that, by default, made it feel boring to me.

I know there’s comfort in familiarity, but when it comes to clothes I want to be in the unfamiliar territory. Perhaps that’s not the right word – I’m not sure what word I’m looking for, but I want to wear clothes that speak more to me as an individual. Being in the workforce where such outfits aren’t acceptable is tough, but I’m lucky that I can experiment due to how relaxed my office is about attire. The boss could care less if you showed up in PJs or not, and there have been a lot of house slippers seen around the office in winter time. I’m glad I can change my style in an atmosphere where most others just don’t care, or if they do they don’t say anything and leave me be. It’s only here where I can look at my outfits and realize what I’ve worn is either a bit, miss, or flat out blunder of the worst kind. It may take a while before I can figure out where I’m going with all of this.

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