Good mail day


Shirt: Uniqlo. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Lems. Not shown: teal cardigan from Banana Republic I wore in the morning hours at work.

Today I made a little more effort although I was completely exhausted. I even had two cups of coffee.

I was happy to see two packages waiting for me when I got home. My Decim order arrived with face care items from The Ordinary. I have the retinol 2% and liked that so I ordered the new Vit C in silicone suspension and caffeine solutions to try those out. I’m not sure if I want to get another order of the 2% retinol or try out the 1%, which is more potent.

Also, another order of soft linen and cotton clothes arrived. These items are from sellers on Yesstyle. Most of what is available on Yesstyle isn’t all that nice and usually for teeny tiny asian women who make me look like a giant in comparison. Also, the majority of the sellers there cater to the younger crowd. However, there are a few gems on the site and I only order from them. It does take a while to get the clothes since most of them come from China or South Korea. This time, I got a linen/cotton blend textured shirt and duster and a cotton skirt.

This shirt is incredibly comfortable and has a nice heft to it due to the thick fabric.
paper tag
Sometimes I really wish I could read Asian languages.
frog tie
The traditional Chinese button clasp on the duster is cute.
Simple Chinese tag.
fabric tag
I like the basic tags on these clothes.

The skirt is very full and lightweight. It comes down to my feet. I also just realized this is the only skirt I own! I have been eyeing up another one that’s much more fancy than this one and I might splurge on it because I could wear it to some upcoming weddings I have to attend.

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