Back to the minimalism fold

I've never truly considered myself a "minimalist" because of how much I know I've spent in the past. While I've constantly kept a very small collection of... anything really, I've also been guilty of that wasteful tactic: one in - one out. That's not really minimalist. It's a compulsive consumer pretending to be a minimalist… Continue reading Back to the minimalism fold


How not to start a weight training regimen.

Last Monday I was ready to start weight training with a vengeance. I started by walking, which I always do, but forced myself to use the treadmill so I could create an incline and loosen myself up more. I then did my scheduled deadlifts and squats. Tuesday: arms day. Again, a warm-up walk and then… Continue reading How not to start a weight training regimen.

Winter MVP

Temperatures sunk this past week so wearing warm, bulky clothes ensues. Last autumn I bought a pair of ivory cords from Banana Republic and I wore them constantly. They are in constant rotation again this year because not only are they within the aesthetic I'm going for, but are also warm while providing a lot… Continue reading Winter MVP