2021 mid year check in

Old photo of mine from 2005 A lot has changed since the last time I posted here. Right now is a transitional time for me. Back in the office full time and changed departments (promotion and trajectory plan included). Training the person to take my place and training myself for my new role. For those… Continue reading 2021 mid year check in

Fuzzy thoughts

This morning I got my second vaccine shot. The countdown begins until I feel something - if anything at all. Z had his second shot yesterday morning. By 3 pm he came to me saying, "I have a headache in my scalp and ears and my joints hurt." He woke up this morning with a… Continue reading Fuzzy thoughts


While I'm not in sweatpants, I am dreading a future in the office again. And again. I WFH from March until July and then was working hybrid Mon/Fri at home with the rest of the week in the office. My office is in a separate building from the main one, but I'd still have to… Continue reading Meep